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Brian Walsh is dedicated to personal growth - or as we like to call it, personal enrichment. He does this through self-improvement articles, books, audio, video, teleclasses, and workshops. The topics include accelerated learning, communication strategies, sales techniques, presentation skills, stress management, and self-hypnosis training.

Visit our products page to access areas to buy books and download the MP3 versions of the guided-hypnosis audios. As well, for residents of the US, three video are available from Amazon-USA.

The bestseller, Unleashing Your Brilliance covers the wide field of accelerated learning.
It has a broader coverage than most books on the subject. The foreword was written by the star of
The Secret - Bob Proctor.

The books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, Indigo/Chapters and many other fine book stores. Brian currently has seven titles to his credit. One of these (BrainWidth) has been translated into five other languages.


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