Three Strategies to Accelerate Your Personal Success Plan

Many people go through life consigning their destiny to pure chance. Not only are they more reactive than proactive, they consistently fail to notice opportunities that present themselves. These opportunities are often disguised as challenges or problems. Here are three ideas that, if embraced, will propel you toward greater achievement and joy in life.

Any undertaking – whether as simple as say reading a chapter of a textbook or as far-reaching as planning a major shift in your life - can be energized to a greater degree if you first set an intention. Simply declare what you expect to achieve as a result of this action. For instance, " I am reading this chapter to clearly understand how biometrics can impact security at airports" stimulates your subconscious to grab germane information as you read the chapter. Intention is any statement that declares your expected outcome benefit. This runs the gamut from setting goals to saying grace before eating.

Unwritten goals are simply "wish lists." As a therapist, I advise people to write down both their process and outcome goals. Here is the remarkable advantage of having goals - They give us direction and momentum. As well, we must be realistic in how we measure our progress. We should celebrate every benchmark and not beat ourselves up when we fall short of achieving 100%. Any substantial improvement beyond where we are presently is an achievement.

Another form of setting intention is known as The Law of Attraction. This method simply focuses your subconscious mind to be open and aware to opportunities when they arise. The LOA premise is: Whatever you focus your energy and attention on, you'll attract more of (good or bad). For instance, a person's depressed mood will filter out (hide the evidence of) positive situations, and thereby cause more attention to be placed on social threats like rejection and criticism. These will in turn promote muddled thinking and poor decision-making. This downward spiral can be reversed through the intervention of focusing more on positive outcomes. The subconscious mind subsequently works radar-like to detect and highlight positive prospects. The most-effective workbook on LOA that I've found is Michael Losier's Law of Attraction.

Although some obstacles in life may seem insurmountable, such perception is largely self-induced. In other words, even though we did not create the obstacle, we might enhance its formidability by simply acknowledging its power over us. One tool used to overcome defeatist thinking about obstacles is the exercise of walking on hot coals. Many thousands have successfully done this, including myself. It is a matter of focus. Participants frequently benefit by developing new and fruitful responses to challenges. This technique includes hours of preparation that incorporate setting intentions, focusing exercises, and team-building. Hot coal walking must be facilitated by someone who is appropriately trained.

In summary, the strategy to achieve more joy in life is to take control of your destiny by proactively setting your intentions and following through.



















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