If you happen to fall into the same category as I, you have very likely been conditioned to believe that you were learning when you were, in fact, merely gathering information.

Learning is when we consciously entertain an idea, let ourselves get emotionally involved in that idea, step out and act on the idea, and the action changes a result in our life. It is the feedback that we consciously receive from the change in results that is the learning experience.
This book that you hold in your hands could, very easily, turn into a treasure. I say could because you must choose to use it, study it and apply it. No amount of reading or memorizing will make you successful in life; it is the understanding and application of wise thoughts that count.

This book is truly about learning. Studying and applying the information will be a very pleasurable learning experience. The information it contains is meant for anyone who has suffered anxiety from studying for an exam or test, questioned his or her intelligence, felt out of tune with mainstream education, or simply wanted to learn more efficiently. In essence, this book is for everyone! It explains how the brain actually learns, and what you can do to take advantage of your natural learning processes.


For people fully engaged in life, whatever their age or profession, learning plays a central role, and it only makes sense that they would want to learn in the most effective way. Traditionally, school has not taught us how to learn; it’s almost paradoxical!

Building on his knowledge of hypnotherapy, the unity of mind and body, and the role of emotions, Brian Walsh has captured the essence of brain-compatible learning. In easy-to-understand language, he clearly explains how our conditioning or paradigms shape habits that help or hinder learning. You need only read the introduction to appreciate the quality and value of what you’ll find here.

Offering great benefits for university and corporate learners, this book will also help teachers and trainers who will discover a host of effective facilitation techniques. Although Dr. Walsh mildly admonishes outdated school methods, he has high praise for those teachers who go out of their way to accommodate the assortment of learning styles found in any classroom. In an unusual approach, each chapter ends with an interesting opportunity for you to further stimulate your brain and reinforce your absorption of the chapter’s contents.

I highly recommend you use this book as a guide to making the most of your natural talent for learning in such a clear, innovative, and entertaining way.


Bob Proctor
Expert from, "The Secret"
Author of best-selling book, "You Were Born Rich"


























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